Scientific works and research

What methodology has been used?

We usually use traditional methods, following the way of working in the 17th century e.g. in the preparation of the mortar based on extinguished lime or in the tower reconstruction using hand-carved beams. Exceptional cases, when we utilize current technologies and materials (like cement mortar), have been always considered and discussed with the expert committee on civil engineering and monuments. The project Katarínka has contributed to the development of methods for monuments revitalization, e.g. with the biosanation of the wall copings.

What type of research has been conducted at Katarínka?

Quite a wide range of the research activities connected to Katarínka includes above all the archaeological excavations (since the late ‘90ies); related anthropological research deals with excavated skeletal remains. Historical research of Katarínka and dendrochronological determination of the age of the timber have confirmed that the tower was more recent than the church. The statics of the church and monastery ruin has been verified regularly due to the safety of visitors and effective planning of the works. Since 2000, several geophysical campaigns have revealed subterranean ruins of the architectural structures within the area of Katarínka.

Conservation of monuments and technologies used

Methods of conservation and biosanation (i.e. grassing to protect the walls against humidity) of the copings and the walls, restoration and statical treatment of the tower from 2005 to 2017. Materials and technologies that have been used for the conservation and revitalization of St Catherine’s Church and Monastery.

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Historic research

Chronologicky zoradené, najdôležitejšie udalosti v histórii Katarínky. Tieto sú spracované viacerými autormi článkov, dipomových prác. Rovnako sú spracované aj životopisy osobností Jána Aponyiho, Benignusa Smrtníka a sv. Kataríny Alexandríjskej, ktoré sa viažu k tomuto miestu.

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Anthropological research

Anthropologic research at Katarínka has dealt with skeletal remains of about 27 individuals that were found in the crypt in the northeastern part of the aisle of St Catherine‘s Church by archaeological research between 2000 and 2011.

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Geophysical research

Na Katarínke prebehol 27. (príprava) a 28.7.2009 (merania) intenzívny geofyzikálny výskum v rámci podujatia Letná škola geofyziky – INCA 2009 (International Course on ArchaeoGeophysics). Toto podujatie je organizované Univerzitou Komenského v Bratislave, Christian-Albrechts-Universität v Kieli v Nemecku a Kocaeli Üniversitesi v Turecku.

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Archaeological research

In the last years, the research of Franciscan St Catherine‘s Church and Monastery near the village of Dechtice has been aimed to the history of the site before the arrival of the Franciscan monks who were invited by Cristopher Erdödy at the beginning of the 17th century.

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Publications about Katarínka

List of publications where the church and monastery of St. Katarina / project Katarínka is mentioned, and the text itself. Slovak language only!

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