Rule of order

The Rule of brothers and sisters of the St. Catherine Order:

  1. As the Order member, seek peace, good and love for yourself and for others.
  2. You shall keep the vow of poverty. You shall be satisfied with the things you have, and you shall not desire gold, precious stones and other property.
    You shall live in simplicity and you shall avoid things that darken your mind.
  3. You shall keep the obedience to superiors. They shall not abuse your vow to their advantage.
  4. You shall carry out the work because of the work itself and because of the good that results from it.
    You shall strive to save the church and monastery with your work and skills, as well as help the surrounding nature.
  5. You shall stick to the daily plan; punctuality shall be your friend.
    You shall get up on time.
  6. You shall be willing to carry out activities to get to know yourself and others, to play and have fun.
  7. You shall honor the wisdom of old books and wisdom of your brothers; you shall honor the experience and deeds of forefathers.
  8. You shall not deliberately kill any living creature with exceptions allowed by your superiors and you shall protect the nature.
  9. You shall spread the good name of the cultural monument being preserved by us and you shall remain loyal to your Order.
  10. If you break this Rule, the superiors – after consulting with the community of the monastery – have the right to impose an act of repentance on you.

This is written and this shall be done.