About the Katarínka project

If you had enough finances, would you completely reconstruct the St. Catherine Church based on historical documents?

Historical documents are rather inaccurate, so we do not have a chance to exactly find out how the Church and Monastery of St. Catherine of Alexandria looked like at the time it flourished. However, we want to keep the ruin character of this place, so even if we had enough finances, we do not intend to restore this ruin to its original state.

Are organizations running this project financed only by sponsors?

They are financed by sponsors, donors, but also from grants from various foundations and grants from the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education. In addition, we are also receivers of 2% of the tax. The local supporters (from Dechtice, Naháč, Kátlovce, etc.) also help us very much with material gifts. Individuals are also supporting this project.

Do you have any set time period in which you plan to successfully finish this project?

There are so many areas of work in this project (archaeology all around the surroundings, adjustment of the surroundings, restoration of the original ponds and orchards, etc.) that it does not make sense to think about the time for ending this project. The aim of the project is not to finish the conservation by year XY, but to save the cultural monument. At the same time, we aim to build relationship of young people to cultural monuments, cultural and historical heritage and give them opportunity to experience something extraordinary far from civilization.