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How can I support you?

Financial, material help, prayers, and so on.

For tourists

How can I get to Katarínka? Parking? With a pram? Can I set fire? Can I have my wedding in Katarínka? Taking wedding photos? We would like to visit the tower… Is it possible to do camping or sleep at Katarinka as a visitor?

About the Katarínka project

If you had enough finances, would you completely reconstruct the St. Catherine Church based on historical documents? Are organizations running this project financed only by sponsors?

Summer camps

Note: Summer camps at Katarínka are organized in the Slovak language.

Are you a Christian camp? What types of work are there at the camp? Are there any age limits? Can I join the camp just for one week?

Media about us

What they wrote or broadcasted about us in 2017, 2016, and so on (currently available only in Slovak language).