We have chosen short testimonies about people somehow involved in Katarínka.


Volunteer testimonies

We have selected short testimonies about volunteers who were in Katarínka and have completed a two-week camp:


Katarínka has always a different atmosphere, different mood, and everyone finds what he/she needs right now. For some, it is community or meaningful work, for other a favorite place, God’s closeness or just a quiet corner somewhere in the dark.

Zuzka Zoya Barochová
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I can tell you that it was difficult to get used to the Katarínka way of life, but it was surprisingly difficult to get used to the return to civilization after two weeks, as I sometimes call this civilized world.
It was a shock for me to hold my cell phone after two weeks in my hands, watch the quantum of incoming SMS messages.

Kristína “Marimi” Mikušová Kollárová
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Why I like Katarínka? Why I work as a volunteer? Why am I glad to come back here? … It’s not just because of the genius loci of Katarínka. She is for me everywhere where are my friends from the Katarínka project. Katarínka connects us and is in us. And it carries all the most important things for life. It is needed to be open for them. Who searches, that finds. For the truth begins in a couple. In the community we find and recognize ourselves. And when I start to get to know myself, then I can better get to know others…

Ján “Kvintus” Klein
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Indeed, Katarínka is more than just saving the ruins of the church and the monastery. The work on Katarínka gives only the basis for things that go beyond what we can see and hear and what we can touch… and even what we can say. These are treasures that we can only experience and carry them in ourselves. And even where they “will not hurt nor the rust, nor where the thieves do not fight and steal…”

Monika “Minea” Šumichrastová Kádeková
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Sometimes, as a tourist guide I get so exhausted that I ponder whether to do another tower tour. But then such tourists come that give you energy and enthusiasm to continue and you realize that there is a point in your service. It makes sense to show the people our beauties, treasures, what we carry in our hearts and love so much – our Katarínka. If we can (and successfully manage to) transfer our enthusiasm to other people, who are then willing to come back to this place and we can see it in their faces – that is the best reward.

Kristína “Kalunis” Mešková
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It is great to come up with an excellent idea and implement it in one year; and there are numerous grants and foundations that support new ideas. However, it much more demanding to keep a project running long-term. Not just to start it, but to keep it running, i.e. you continually need to move ahead. When you stop, it is like losing the momentum and the project then starts to decline. You need to keep putting your energy into it.

Peter “Benignus” Herceg
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Visitor testimonials

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Experts testimonials

We have experts around Katarínka who cover scientific work and research at Katarínka. Without them we would not be able restore the tower and could not continue with archaeological research.

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