Become a benefactor of Katarínka and support us!

Earl Gabriel Erdödy (the son of Krištof Erdödy – the founder of the monastery) and his wife Judita Amade were great benefactors of Katarínka. In their times, a reconstruction and a renovation of the monastery as well as an extension of the church into a larger temple were performed thanks to their generous contributions; Gabriel and Judita thus elevated the church and monastery and enabled their further existence and development. A benefactor (in Slovak: mecén or mecenáš) is therefore perceived as a supporter, sympathiser, helper, patron or sponsor.

Many of us cannot participate at the events at Katarínka and come as often as wished for work and family reasons, but they developed an attachment to Katarínka and would like to support it continually. Or, as the case may be, there are several ones of you who would like to help Katarínka regularly also “outside the season” and are looking for a convenient way to do it.

It is exactly for those of you for whom benefactorship – regular donations or continual financial support of the Katarínka project performed on a monthly basis – is destined.

Our aim is also to ensure the running of the Katarínka project through other funding sources, such as grants and subsidies, whose results are often uncertain, and we cannot know beforehand with what sum we can count in the given year.

Not the amount but the regularity of your contribution is important!

It does not matter if you can donate 3, 4, 5, 10 or 20 euros a month – every single euro of your regular donations will help us a lot!

In fact, thanks to regular donations of benefactors, we can plan the necessary work, buying of construction material as well as overall funding of the upcoming work season much more efficiently.

How to become a benefactor?

It is simple – there are only to steps to do it:


Write an e-mail to This is an important step – so that we know about you and can inform you on our activities and interesting news for the benefactors.

Please write the following information in the e-mail:

  • your first name and last name
  • the name you received at Katarínka (in case you have already been to Katarínka as a volunteer)
  • the sum you would like to donate on a regular basis
  • the period during which you plan to be donating

We will reply to you and welcome you among the benefactors of Katarínka 🙂


Then, please set up a standing order by internet banking (for a sum and a period you choose) for the following bank account number:

IBAN: SK14 1100 0000 0026 2076 2742
Constant symbol: 508
Note for the recipient: please write BENEFACTOR + your name

If you cannot donate regularly, any one-time donation to the above-mentioned account will aid us, of course.

Thank you very much in advance for each and every donation!