The tower at Katarínka was officially made open in 2017 and ceremonially opened and blessed during the Open Door Day on July 5, 2017.

Sightseeing tower at Katarínka – more information

The tower at Katarínka is closed outside of the summer season. It is open only in some dates – see the right part of this web – Nearest tower opening, or see our Facebook page (in Slovak only).

The tower can be open only with two guides and good weather is a must:

  • from April (weekend after the Easter) until the end of October: Saturday (11 am – 5 pm) and Sunday (11 am – 3 pm)
  • during the Summer season (July – August): every day (10 am – 5 pm).

Entries occur every top of the hour*; max. 16 visitors can enter the tower at one time and only with 2 guides.

Children taller than 130 cm can enter only accompanied by an adult person: 1 adult on 1 child** (it is necessary to oversee the child all the time and stairs are extremely steep).

The entrance is free of charge, but you can contribute to the activities of the Katarínka civic association.

Standard guided tour in the sightseeing tower takes 25-40 minutes.

* Permanent access to sightseeing tower is not guaranteed – depending on availability of guides, number of visitors and weather – tower must be closed in case of bad weather. Current information about the next sightseeing is always available directly under the tower.

** Limitations for children are due to steep and long stairs (almost like ladders). Therefore, each child/teenager must be secured and accompanied by an adult. Height limitation for young children is due to steep stairs and also due to height of window ledges and wall edge on the top – see photos. Smaller children would not see anything and it is forbidden to lift children up.

I am grateful for every tourist who enters the tower – the ones with a bored face because they just want to do the sightseeing, or a child that only wants to stroll around is not as much interested in the presented facts as the parents are, or an enthusiast who wants to know everything and has many questions – each of them is leaving with something changed in their face. They have been enriched by us, by all of us and our work. And in their face one can see peace, happiness, satisfaction, enthusiasm, appreciation, and admiration of our work and its progress and our drive…
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