The Octave Day Pilgrimage

The Octave Day Pilgrimage takes place annually since 1998 on the first Sunday after Easter, which is referred to as White Sunday in Slovakia.

The aim of the event is to reintroduce the traditional historical pilgrimages organized in the 18th century with the Archbishop of the city of Trnava as its head. According to records, the average attendance was about 5,000 pilgrims coming mainly from nearby villages and the Trnava surroundings.

The starting point of the pilgrimage is the Buková railway station, from where the pilgrims follow the red hiking marker for the first three hours, traced through the countryside and the woods to the village of Cerová. Afterwards the pilgrims move on taking an unmarked forest trail right to the Katarínka Nature Reserve where the program culminates in the Holy Mass celebrated right amidst the ruins of the St. Catherine’s Church.

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Another part of the program is comprised of a guided tour throughout the area provided by volunteers, presentation of the year round camp-work achievements, as well as announcements of future plans. Finally, the visitors will have an opportunity to relax at a friendly bonfire, as well as a game of soccer.

The pilgrimage takes place at any weather.