We are fixing the access road!

After years of using the access road, rains in the past, and increasing traffic to the parking lot, its condition has deteriorated rapidly.
That’s why we decided in the autumn that despite the fact that the owner (Slovak Republic or Slovak Land Fund) does not have the resources to fix it (and it was impossible to do anything with it), we let someone to fix it.

We decided to repair it “from our own” – from the grants and donations of the sponsors that we managed to gain this year. In 2017 the grants were successful so you can now enjoy considerably better access to the parking lot near the woods.



Working season 2016 update

The work season on Katarínka is already slowly going to its end. The so-called búračka is taking place, i.e. the camp is taken apart and stored until the next year, when it will be put together again. Currently (in the week between 29th August and 4th September), there is approximately 50 to 60 young volunteers present…

Considering work, it is mainly about realising tasks that were mentioned in advance in the previous news that covered the work plan for year 2016.

It was necessary to restore the capitals of the pillars (picture on the left) while moving the scaffolding multiple times in the nave of the church, as there are 8 pillars in it.

The work on the reconstruction of the segmental arch, which was mainly done in the middle of August this year, is being finished (picture on the left). In the picture on the right, there are two young masons, who underpin one of the walls of the monastery to avoid a possible fall of the wall that could happen otherwise.


In the chancel (picture on the left), south-eastern wall was renewed by filling in missing stones and conserving its stable parts.

In the south-western part, the wall was recreated only from bricks, without any wet binder (picture on the right). The reason for not using groat on this wall is that we can not precisely estimate in which way the wall from the chancel continued. This will have to be discovered by the historical and archeological exploration in the future.


The last carpenter and conservation works in the tower are being finished. More detailed information concerning the opening of the view tower of the church will be published in September or October.

Regular virgilous masses are served throughout the summer at Katarínka, as well as voluntary morning and evening prayers of volunteers, as it was customary for the monks, who lived in this monastery in 17th and 18th century.

Katarínka would not be itself if there were not the people of the “same blood group”, space for acceptance, understanding, self-knowing, getting to know others, adventures, delicious food, relaxation in the nature etc.



Night of Castles and Ruins – 12th August 2016

Dear supporters, visitors and friends,

we would like to thank you for your visit on Friday’s event Night of Castles and Ruins, in which we took part for the fourth year. (The event is organized in Slovakia by the association Zachráňme hrady).

In spite of the cloudy and cold weather, some 250 visitors came. We believe that you liked it there with us, that our food tasted good and that you enjoyed the atmosphere of peace, silence and nature at Katarínka.

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/katarinka.sk/posts/10157256047145510


PF 2016

Thanks to all of you who helped KATARÍNKA this year with service, help, work, prayer, financial or otherwise. Also thanks to all of you we have already completed the 21st season and that the KATARÍNKA now has more than 1,500 volunteers, countless visitors and we were able to accompany many tourists.

We wish you successful and blessed year 2016.



Feast that were held on Wednesday 11/25/2015 at Franciscans in Bratislava, are for this year already over. We would like to mediate how it was going.

The people present at the feast were not missing a smile on their face and what would it be without a food, so after Holy Mass a refreshment in the form of fatty bread with onion, cakes and delicious sour cabbage soup waited all the visitors.

Feasting was marked by a positive atmosphere of valuable conversations, after all, judge for yourself according to photos:
This year we were filmed by TV LUX (on video 5:1 -7:10). While watching TV LUX, you can learn more about our life on Katarinka, what is our aim, who is St. Catherine and also why we organize every year a feast in her honor.

See you next year and on behalf of the project Katarinka we wish you a blessed holiday.


Katarínka in the media 2015

We have chosen for you the most exclusive pieces of news written about us by the media in 2015:

We would like to thank the media that support us by publishing press reports, especially those that are interested in writing/recording/ shooting some material about us. Please find below the list of known media sources in the section Média o nás (available in Slovak language only). If you know about any article that is not listed in the section, kindly send us an e-mail to media@katarinka.sk.

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