The Rules of the Brothers and Sisters of the “Order of St. Catherine”

  1. As a member of the order, search peace, good and love for yourself as well as for the others.
  2. Promise to be humble. You will be satisfied with things that you have and you won’t long for gold, jewels and wealth.
  3. You will pursue a simple way of life and you will avoid things that darken the mind.
  4. You will respect the ministers (camp leaders) and they will not abuse your promise.
  5. You will work because of the work itself and because of the good in which your work results. Your ability and skills will help to save the church and monastery. You will protect the surrounding nature.
  6. You will keep order every day, let punctuality be your friend. You will get up on time.
  7. You will try to pick up the knowledge of yours and the others' in games and free-time activities.
  8. You will hold in esteem the wisdom of old books and the wisdom of your brothers, you will have a regard for acts and knowledge of ancient ancestors.
  9. You will not kill any living creature and you will help the nature.
  10. You will keep the good reputation of the monument and you will be a faithful friend of the “order”.
  11. If you break this rule, your ministers will be justified to command you to make an “act of repentance” after discussing it with the other members.

So it is written and so should be done.

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