Public events

On this page, information about regular public events is provided.



The Octave Day Pilgrimage

The aim is to reintroduce the traditional historical pilgrimages organised in the 18th century with the Archbishop of the city of Trnava as its head. According to records, the average attendance was about 5,000 pilgrims coming mainly from nearby villages and the Trnava surroundings.

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Open Doors Day

Open Doors Day takes place annually on the St. Cyril and Methodius Day. Its aim is to invite people of all age groups and places to spend a relaxed day in the open, with a rich program provided, including various activities and events.

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Feast of St. Catherine

As every year, at the end of November on St. Catherine´s Day, we commemorated the life of St. Catherine of Alexandria at the Franciscan Church in Bratislava.

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Churches at Night

Another event Katarínka is involved in is known as Churches at night (in Slovak Noc kostolov). The aim of the event is to offer each visitor entering the Church of St. Catherine a possibility to get a positive experience with Christianity and to experience a unique atmosphere among the ruins of the church. 

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Hay Making

Hay Making is another traditional and very popular event which takes place on the last weekend of May. The event is mainly focused on grass which surrounds the Church of St. Catherine and the Monastery and also on the permanent grasslands reaching its height peak usually in May.

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