All age generations pilgrimage to Katarínka

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20 years of Katarinka - why and how we celebrated

This article is available only in Slovak language.


Torches and candles lit during the event The night of castles and ruins

On Saturday 16th August, during the event "The night of castles and ruins", in which several other Slovak castles and monuments were involved, torches, candles and kerosene lamps were lit at Katarinka. Our programme attracted 300 visitors despite the colder weather.

The evening was opened by a concert of chamber music performed by the guitarist and composer Ondrej Veselý and the sopranist Eva Šušková. The church ruins with their ambience and genius loci represented  a wonderful symbiosis of the natural environment and some kind of "concert hall".

Apart from the compositions by J. S. Bach, C. Domeniconi and N. Boulanger, works of renowned living Slovak composers were played as well - besides the ethereal psalm  "Nad Rzekami Babilońskiemi" (By the Rivers of Babylon) by Ondrej Veselý, there were also compositions by Viera Janárčeková and Vladimír Bokes, who also attended the concert premiere of his Psalms in person.

After a short rain break, the silhouette of Katarinka was vested in an impressive rainbow and made the visitors stay to attend the following programme - a solemn mass celebrated by Ľudovít "Lemuel" Kubán.

In the dark, we managed to offer the visitors some unusual meals - bread and grease and lots of home-made cookies.

At last, our interest in history was nourished as well - there were night-time guided tours lit by torches and kerosene lamps, which were interlarded with theatre performances dealing with the monastery's history in the church and the largest room of the monastery. We believe that the most persistent visitors leaving Katarinka before midnight were full of positive impressions and experiences associated with this unusual night.

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Katarínka involved again in The Night of the Churches

On Friday 23rd May, we joined the project "The Night of the Churches" by attending the programme which we organised at Katarinka.

The programme consisted in prayers and a play telling the history of the place. Then, the guided tours of the church and monastery ruins continued, lit by lanterns and explaining the 400-year history of the ruins, the goals of the project Katarinka and its voluntary activities.

This year, about 150 visitors and supporters arrived to enjoy Katarinka in the late evening hours, coming not only from the near villages and towns, but also from further ones, such as Nitra, Nové Zámky or Lučenec. The importance of  was emphasized by one of our volunteers: "Young volunteers from all over Slovakia save the ruins of St. Catherine's monastery and church not only for themselves, but for all the people who come here to look for peace, good and rest. The project  the Night of the Churches is an extraordinary occasion on which we can make the atmosphere and the message of the ruins available for visitors from afar and, by means of the programme, hand over not only a lovely experience, but also the values, hope and faith of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Catherine of Alexandria.“


Video in Lux TV (Slovak only):

"Bielonedeľná púť" to Katarínka celebrates 15th anniversary

The last April Sunday (27/04/2014) was dedicated to "Bielonedeľná púť", the traditional one-day pilgrimage to Katarínka on the first Saturday after Easter. The pilgrimage was attended by approximately 140 pilgrims, and about 280 people took part in the following Holy Mass. This day's mass turned out to be a celebration of both the canonization of John XXIII. and John Paul II. as well as the feast of the Divine Mercy Sunday, which is also called the "White Sunday", of which the name of the pilgrimage is derived.

The track of the pilgrimage started traditionally at the railway station Buková, from where it continued across Raková and up the forest trail straight to Katarínka.

The pilgrimage was accompanied by short stops with reflections which recalled the meaning of the pilgrimage. The sunny weather, which lasted until the very end, created an agreeable atmosphere throughout the journey.


The Sunday Mass in the ruins of St. Catherine's Church was celebrated by Branislav "Beren" Popelka, the administrator of the parish of Majcichov. The sermon was delivered by Vladimír Bartolomej Hurňanský (in the picture, distributing the holy communion), a dominican priest and administrator of UPC Zvolen. After the mass, an opportunity arose to have a barbecue, to show the visitors the results of the work and the plans of the volunteers that help here over the summer. Some people were also interested in a guided tour telling the history of this place.


It was the 15th pilgrimage from the time of its modern dating. We were pleased by the biggest turnout so far - probably also thanks to the favourable weather, although it is generally hard to predict weather in April.


Invitation to the event (Slovak only):


Annual report

The main aim of an annual report is to share what our project accomplished in the year 2013.

t also talks about important and interesting facts from the life of Katarínka. Besides these, you can also find there information about events open for public that were and are going to be organised.
Figures in a chart prove how important voluntary contributions and donation of 2% of income tax are.
At the end of this report you can read about our plans and vision for the year 2014.

Experimental procedure of conservation (2013)

In august 2013 we conducted an experimental procedure of conservation. We put a layer of loam and plants on the top of the walls of the monastery. By this way conditions for mortar are improved so it can get that right consistence and the life expectancy of such wall is expanded, as well. This method was developed at Katarínka.

If you want to learn more, don´t hesitate and watch the video below (in Slovak).


What does winter at Katarínka look like?

These special views capture the atmosphere of our trips to Katarínka in winter. Last year there was the coldest and whitest "Bielonedeľná púť" (one-day pilgramage to Katarínka on the first Saturday after Easter) in history of Katarínka:

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